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Hylands NuAge #8 Mag Phoshomeopathic tissue remedy tablets – 125 ea

Hylands NuAge #8 Mag Phoshomeopathic tissue remedy tablets

  • Hylands Digestive homeopathic remedy NuAge #8 Mag Phos (magnesium Phosphate).
  • For the temporary symptomatic relief of the symptoms of Gastric Disturbances, Muscle Pain.
  • Each pack contains 125 NuAge #8 Mag Phos homeopathic tissue remedy tablets.
  • It is recognized for the relief of symptoms of nerve pain (like sciatica and headaches) accompanied by shooting or darting stabs of pain.
  • Muscular twitching, cramps, muscle strains, hiccups, convulsive fits of coughing and flatulence are all indications of Mag Phos.
  • It relives menstrual pains and stomach aches.
  • Symptoms often tend to worsen from cold, touch and tend to get better with increase in pressure, rubbing and warmth.
  • Mag Phos is specifically useful for the symptoms of Gastric disturbances (include a wide angel of ailments characterized by painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with the function of digestion).
  • Mag Phos is indicated with a feeling of gas and belching or spasmodic pains and cramps in the stomach that are relieved with hot drinks.

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