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FoodScience Of Vermont superior purples age fighter powder – 30 ea

FoodScience of Vermont superior purples age fighter powder

It is a delicious anti-aging drink mix that combines 19 whole fruits and vegetables and extracts. Some of Nature’s most protective foods are darkly colored fruits and vegetables because they naturally contain a variety of antioxidants, which provide a variety of health benefits. Also included are anti-aging nutrients: Alpha GPC, L-Carnosine, and Folic Acid to support mental energy, focus and clarity. FoodScience of Vermont Super Purples has a delicious berry flavor enhanced by the natural sweetness of stevia and purple carrot.

It support:

  • Healthy Aging.
  • Memory, Mental Clarity & Focus.
  • Digestive Tract Health.
  • Cell Health & Function.
  • Circulation & Vascular Health.
  • Smoother, Healthier & More Radiant Skin.
  • Immune System Function.
  • Nerve and Brain Function.

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